Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Apple iMac playing Crysis

Welcome to Games for Mac.com a new site which aims to focus entirely on the objective of running PC Games on the Apple Macintosh platform (and running them well).

Of course most gamers who prefer the Mac OS for our non-gaming life are still secretly hoping for Apple to build some kind of Mac which is designed with a gamer in mind.

That could mean a tower/mini tower with higher end graphics card in a full PCI-E slot (or whatever technology is the norm) so that at the graphics card can be upgraded. This kind of machine is much desirable to those of us who already good quality screens and peripherals who want to use MAC OS.

Sure it's a fantasy, but so is the other option: Hoping Apple will release MAC OS X as a software only product. There is no reason they can't do this. Apple could specify on which hardware OS X could run on and even charge third parties to certify them.

At games for Mac we support the somewhat dubious process of hacking the MAC OS to install it on plain 'vanilla' PC hardware (a “Hackintosh”). We see this as consumer pressure towards Apple to demonstrate a need for product(s) not currently in their product line.

In any case, enjoy Games for Mac we hope to provide some useful information to all Mac user who want to get their game on.


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If Apple made a Mini Tower with full sized graphics card, would you buy it?

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