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When Apple first released Game Center, there were already a large list of games taking advantage of the technology. However, behind every Game Center-enabled application, there are developers working hard to ensure that the technology will always work the way Apple intends. Mac Life recently spoke to developer Kyle Richter about how the Apple Game Center is going to change mobile gaming.

Here is a small excerpt:

Mac Life: Are you currently developing any Game Center-compatible games? If so, why did you choose Game Center over the other third-party social gaming APIs?

Kyle Richter : I am actively working on a few apps that will use Game Center as a social backend, as well as have several more on the horizon. Game Center and Game Kit bring a tremendous opportunity for iOS developers, by leveraging technology that isn't otherwise available to third-party developers. Pushing game invites to people who haven't installed the game is a priceless feature by itself.

The most important feature of Game Center is one that cannot be copied by any other system, it comes installed on every iOS device before it gets into the hands of the customer. One of the most difficult challenges of any social platform is attaining and keeping a user base--Game Center will have a much easier time with this then any other platform.

Mac Life: Do you think Game Center gives the iPhone an advantage over other platforms? If so, why?

Kyle Richter : Apple was first to market with an in-house social network for their developers. Being first to market on anything holds a competitive advantage. Whether that advantage manifest into anything depends entirely on the developers now. If Game Center is embraced, it can be a huge win for Apple and iOS customers. Game Center has a opportunity to bring all third-party apps into a more united system, so your device will feel less like a collection of apps and more like a connected platform. This is one of the benefits to (having) a more closed off system than Android. Apple can add and modify things like Game Center with less of a hassle than the other guys.

Mac|Life: If you could add one feature to Game Center, be it for development purposes or game play purposes, what would it be?

Kyle Richter : Game Center and Game Kit have been very well thought out and most of the features I would of wanted have been included. However, there are some minor requests on my wish list. The first being an ability to post saved games to Game Center. For example, you could be playing a game on your iPod touch, but then need to run out of the house. Game Center could then load your game onto your iPhone the next time you launch it to create a seamless experience across multiple devices.

Additionally, built-in support for Twitter and Facebook status updates would be a time saver, as I am constantly writing that same chunk of code for various projects.

Hit the source link to find out more:

Source: Maclife interviews game center developer kyle richter

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