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Let's face it, if your serious about gaming using a Mac you should dual boot into Windows. As much as this might pain/disgust you it is the best option and with boot camp it really is easy.

I recommend you use boot camp for two reasons:


1) You have a clean operating system for your games (who would want to us windows for anything else?)
2) By not using virtualization (whats that?) you ensure the operating system (and therefor your game) is running optimally. Virtualization requires running an OS inside another, while not the performance hit it use to be, for games it is still unacceptable.

Dual booting into windows on a Mac is easy using Bootcamp. It will only work on Intel based Macs (the older power pc chip based macs will not run Windows even with Bootcamp). If you have a lower end Mac (mini or older intel based Mac) you may want to consider running Windows XP because of it lower resource requirements. Windows XP needs less ram/lower processor speed to run well.

If however you have a more recent Mac than you should run your games on Windows 7. Windows 7 uses DirectX 11 and therefore lots of ingame effects now and in the future will benefit from being installed under windows 7 on your Mac. i.e. any Mac with a Geforce 9400m or better (because for games the graphics card is the most important component). Any Mac Mini or better from 2009 should do.

All games tested using boot camp to boot into Windows will be tested with Windows 7 because:

1) It's the most modern operating system at time of writing.
2) It performs better than Windows Vista.
3) It contains DirectX11 (which incorporates Direct X10). While most games at the moment only utilize Direct X10, (which Windows Vista has), Windows XP only supports Direct X9  and so for current games/future games, Windows 7 uses the latest graphics api available.

Games on mac will in future test all games under virtualization as this is a legitimate way of running Windows games on a Mac, but at the moment most games are tested on a genuine Apple Mac exclusively under Windows 7 using bootcamp.

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