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Mac vs PC with Mortal Combat and Batman

Some people like Macs, some like PC's, some (like myself) a measure of both. I prefer the Mac OS for work and organising my digital life but use the PC exclusively for games.

But if I'm not using games, I want to be using the Mackintosh. Why? I tell you why...


iPhoto: iPhoto is a killer app. This single application is enough of a reason to own a Macintosh. If you take a lot of photos (either professionally or privately), then organising them without iPhoto is hell. Yes, I am well aware of programs like Google Picasa, ACDSee, Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 but they just aren't as good and as nice to use a iPhoto. If you can't find any of your thousands of digital photos in a matter of seconds, your just not working smart. Add face recognition, smart albums, Geo tagging and all the basic editing tools you need but none that you don't and I can't live without iPhoto.

Expose: Expose is a very simple way of finding you way between open windows on the Mac and for me it's another killer app. Just move you mouse to the corner of the screen (I use lower left) and your screen fills with live thumbnails of all your open windows relatively sized so you can choos the one you want to navigate to with a single click. It is better than ALT-Tab, Clicking on the task bar or Flip 3D. I've never used a better way to find your way around open windows than Expose on the MAC.

System wide spell checker: Woah, another killer app. Not matter what application you use (even textedit, the Mac version of notepad), incorrectly spelt words will be underlined and you can right click to change them (or option-click for one button mice). It also automatically recognizes which language I am writing it in and if you add a word, that new word is available to all applications. Have you ever added a word to you word processor and then also to you email client and any other programs you use? You wouldn't need to, on a Mac.

Startup/Shutdown: Snowleopard starts in 53 seconds and shuts down in less than 3. How many time do you wait for you PC to start up? Just remembered something? Just want to look something up “quickly”? How many time did you wait for you computer to shut down or leave it and come back in15 mins to find it stuck in the shutdown cycle. Not on my Mac. In fact it starts so quickly it almost beats the annoying splash screen on my monitor.

OS X, the magical OS: One of the differences between Mac and PC I like to refer to as a Magical one in that it's not really measurable. As long as I have been exposed to both MAC OS and Windows (about 12 years), the Mac has always been better. Sometime the difference can neither be seen or measured. The Mac experience is just nicer. I get the same things done faster. I enjoy it more and somehow I'm engorged by a pleasurable process to get more done. Sure you spend less time rebooting, cleaning and maintaining a Mac but that's all measurable, I'm talking about something that you just can't put your finger on which make Mac a far better tool for work or play.

No registry: Do you know what the Windows registry is? If you do, that's half my point right there. Put simply it's a very big file where Windows store information about programs and file types, an end user (that you) simply shouldn't have to know about it. But its even more sinister than that. While working as a video games tester for Electronic Arts I had to complete a test in which I compared the registry before and after installing and uninstalling a game. I used a program called windiff to compare the registry before and after. The difference showed how much rubbish was left by the program after installation. It was incredible how hundreds of lines were left by every game. Because windows uses this file every time you open a document to see which program should open it, this explains why Windows machines 'slow down' over time. The Mac on the other hand doesn't even need to install programs, it doesn't have a registry and doesn't suffer from any of these programs period. This is one of the reasons Mac owners use their Mac for longer, which brings me to...

Macs are cheaper: Yep. I'm not kidding. Nope, they are not more expensive, they are cheaper. Or don't you value your time? You have one life. When it's finished (depending on what you believe anyway) it's finished. That's why, you should value your time. Once you value your time realise things which waste your time cost you money. Also Mac users keep their computers longer than their PC counterparts. This is because Macs stay responsive and usefull longer. When I recently installed now leopard my Mac mini got noticeably faster. Yes faster. No Windows upgrade can ever compare to that. So if you take into account what you pay vs how long it is used for, the Mac come out on top. But wait. That's not all. That stylish design that Mac is famouse for can also reduce your cost of ownership. Imacs and Mac minis use laptop processors which are designed to run cooler, quieter and most importantly use less electricity. I calculated that the difference between power usage of my old PC tower and my Mac mini at my best estimation (.11 cents per kilowatt) ran over 100 euro per year. Lets not forget that getting the latest Mac operating system cost just $29 while most PC users are going to end up buying a whole new computer to upgrade to Windows 7 because it's the only economical way.

Macs are cheap: Not to be confused with the previous point. Lets face it all computers are cheap these days. If PC's are also cheap why then is this point on a page called “why Macs are better than PC”? Well I admit, in this case they are both cheap but the point is once you get a product that is this cheap, why would you buy the lesser one? Why would you save a hundred buck over the purchase price (to spend it later on the cost of ownership) when you can just go with quality right away. For many PC users the problem lies in the perception of quality. As they have never own a better system than windows, they think there isn't one, that's why they tend to compare simply the machines specifications. But it isn't the hardware which makes a computer it's the software and the software alone. I remember my first Mac which cost me $4,000 more then my PC and even then after I learnt how to use it and noticed the benefits I came to feel it still represented better value. Now that computers are so cheap (Macs included), for me, it's a no brainer.

There are lots of other reason to own a Mac. No viruses is one that Apple often talks about but in this post I just wanted to show a few of my personal reasons some of which most PC users wont be aware of.

Oh, and don't go screaming you can't run games on Mac. My Mac dual boots fine into windows for that. This means that my games machine (the partition which hold Windows 7 that I boot into) is never slowed by too many other programs being installed. I also easily make a disk image of the Window 7 Partition so I can restore it in a snap if I feel that Windows 7 is slowing. It's the reverse that can't easily be done i.e. dual booting a PC into MAC. You can build a Hacktosh but even if you do get it working 100% you'll likely run into trouble with future updates.

For my money an Apple Mac is better than any PC by far.

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Ramos said:

Some very well thaught out point's but.....................
I did like you're article, and there are some very valid point's but somehow you're failing to see the advanteges of owning a pc.

Traditionally mac's and pc's held two different maket positions.

Macs tended to be more expensive and less powerfull, but championed a much more user friendly experience. (the extra cost presumably went on software development).

Pc's take a different approach. The clue is in the name (pc = personall computer)a pc is collection off harware chosen more often than not buy the end user, and specced according to his/her needs.

the pc is an open system meening that any company can manufacture parts. the downside off all this personallisation is the fact that there are millions off parts all needing to work together. this is what put's of some user's as you really need to know what you are doing.

There are a few point's wich you made wich i felt were verging on fanboyism,,,

"When I recently installed now leopard my Mac mini got noticeably faster. Yes faster. No Windows upgrade can ever compare to that"

I recently istalled win 7 as a replacement for xp and whadayaknow, my mashine 's performance improved quite noticabily!! It's because over the years computer's get clogged up with junk, and when you re-install an os it allways feels snapier and more resposive. and despite not relying on a registry macs suffer in same way as pc's in this respect. allthough admittedly they are better, they are by no way immune!!!

Point 2 "There are lots of other reason to own a Mac. No viruses is one that Apple often talks about"

It has been scientifically proven that it is "IMPOSSIBLE" to create a consummer level Os that is completely secure from viruses.

Widow's douse suffer more from viruses. but this is because there os is much more widespread than apples varios offering's so crimminalls tend to target this more as there's more "booty" to be had, and more places to hide!!

If apple continues to expand into the mainstream, the virus's will surely follow!!

At the end off the day it's all swings and roundabout's, however i woun't be switching to mac any time soon, I just love upgrading and fine tuning my system to much.

I have currently owned my pc since 2004 and instead off buying a new system every 3-4 years I just upgrade it! currently I just finshed playing crysis with all settings on max bar AA wich was set to 8xcsaa.

D'you you know of a mac that can do that?

Also the only reason you cant install mac os similarly specced pc a pc, is because apple don't want you to be able to, so theve blocked it. all in the interest off making money. If one could make a mac by copying the hardware spec and installing osx then apple woudn't be able to overcharge you for it's hardware any more.

Not that I care, microsft are just as bad in that re-pect, it's just mac fanboy's seem to think apple is some sort off bohemien david to microsoft's uber golioth, but that's just not true. There both large american corperation's who want to make money, end off!!

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