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The Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Expansion pack for Apple Mac OS 9 does not add new campaign content in the conventional sense, rather it adds a "Virtual Voyager" mode to the game, allowing the player to explore ten more decks of the ship. Within these ten levels, the player can interact with a variety of characters, collect secret items and operate various different ship functions like replicators, accessing characters' personal logs and reading the ship's computer files.

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roken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars/Circle of Blood

From Moby Games:
'Circle of Blood is the first part in the Broken Sword series. It is a third-person point-and-click adventure entirely in 2D. The player controls George Stobbart, an American tourist spending his autumn vacation in Paris. He barely escapes a bombing of a café and decides to investigate the clues left behind by the killer. This eventually leads him to a mystery dating back to the legend of the Knights Templar.

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When Apple first released Game Center, there were already a large list of games taking advantage of the technology. However, behind every Game Center-enabled application, there are developers working hard to ensure that the technology will always work the way Apple intends. Mac Life recently spoke to developer Kyle Richter about how the Apple Game Center is going to change mobile gaming.

Here is a small excerpt:


Apparently already heading into production, the iControlPad is still undergoing last minute changes. The group behind the iPhone game controller peripheral announced that the device will use Bluetooth and not an Apple dock connector -- a change that's apparently being done in part due to Apple's recent litigation with Hypermac, and to avoid potential licensing issues. One would assume that this might increase lag and damage the responsiveness but only time will tell. As you might expect from such a small project, that also puts the the team in something of a bind, and they're now looking for help from peopel experienced with using Bluetooth in iOS. Of course, while the device is being pitched as an iPhone peripheral to start, support for other phones is promised like Android phones with Bluetooth.

source @Craigix (Twitter)

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A huge flood of junk has arrived in Cindy’s magical Kingdom, and she needs your help to save the Flooded world! Cindy has found the Miracle Mirror in the castle, and can use it to travel throughout the land o clean up the mess. Help bring Cindy’s world back to its former glory! Addictive Match 3 gameplay, cool power-ups, and clever minigames await in Cindy’s Travels: Flooded Kingdom!

Get ready to Run, jump and rotate the world in this cool puzzling platformer! Your world is a collage of torn paper and you need to use all of your platforming skills: running, jumping and rotation in order to get to the goal! Race against the clock and or race against yourself, in a time trial challenge available after completing each level. Three exciting environments bring new challenges. Running and jumping will not be enough, you will have to master the power of rotation, in And Yet it Moves, a puzzle-platforming game!

Supreme Commander 2 for Apple Mac Screenshot

Supreme Commander 2 comes to the Apple Mac (OS X). While this writer found the original Supreme Commander only encouraged the "commander" to zoom out and watch his armies as little icons, the pedigree of one of the greatest RTS game ever (Total Annihilation) is still present and looking at the screenshots makes this well worth a look on you MAC.


Apples Ping social networking service with lady gaga

You've no doubt already heard about the drama between Facebook and Apple when Apple introduced Ping on September 1. Well, the drama doesn’t end there. A new report sheds light on Cupertino effectively leaving the record labels out in the cold prior to the launch of iTunes 10.


After the discovery of an ancient painting, the Royal House Museum wants you to explore the recovered artifacts, along with the mysteries within. Restore the royal amulet to break an ancient curse and stop an evil witch from regaining her terrible powers! Dive into Echoes of the Past – The Castle of Shadows to save the royal family from their curse and explore a fascinating world full of Hidden Object scenes, and perplexing puzzles.

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening box cover

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening hase been released for the Apple MAC. Dragon Age: Origins is a seriously good game, I played it for 28 game hours and loved every minute of it.

The story of Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening goes something like this: The death of the archdemon should have meant the defeat of the Darkspawn he commanded but they’ve returned. Someone or something is behind the latest invasion, and it’s up to you to learn the truth in Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening. You can Import your character from the Dragon Age Origins or create a new one and start an adventure that will once again change the face of the quiet kingdom of Ferelden.

Whatever could The Architect and Mother want?

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening for Apple MAC is available at Apple.com, EA.com and all other good retailers and etailers.

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